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KITS company started it’s working since 2011 in different fields of information technology and trading related kits of communication and networking technology. Right now, our company provide internet services for both companies and government directories. K.I.T.S Continued the innovation on its services and networks, in a new step of our Progress we start providing Fiber to the home internet service which included the DATA, VOIP, VOD and IPTV. Our goal is to provide best internet service for customers and become a leader of providing internet service in the region.


Our vision is to become the leader in providing internet and communication services in Kurdistan Region as well as all of Iraq. Our slogan is the quality service and innovations. KITS looks forward to become the top internet and communication technology provider in our current regional market. Our mission is to raise the informational and technological level of our client services. KITS is continuously developing and offering more services to network solutions by applying our professional experience in different fields of internet and Information Technology services. Another duty that KITS is proud of is the continuous support that

MiNet Staff

Engineering and Technical staff

Our support staff consist of two kind of technicians, first are the engineers who have a good experience in detecting the network problems, which makes the client connection down, these engineers are responsible for that event to be solved that are requested by NOC staff which are probably client down issues, our staff in this department will keep client connections alive through giving them good knowledge about how to use the services.


Our Maintenance team staff work side by side with our engineering staff for setting up the client connections. The maintenance will be onsite for those clients who experience technical difficulties that have been reported by the NOC staff as well as setting up, maintain company towers. The main reason for having engineers and support staff is to provide the best technical support as possible. The onsite team provides support to the customer during the acceptance testing process. If there is any re‐work required the onsite team decides whether it can be carried out onsite or it has to be sent back to the offsite development team. The regular change management process is followed.

MiNET Services


FTTH Internet Services


Fiber to the home (FTTH) is the delivery of a communications signal over optical fiber from the operator’s switching equipment all the way to a home or business.Fiber to the home is a fast growing method of providing vastly higher bandwidth to consumers.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows you to make voice / telephone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular phone line, which has been the method used for the last hundred years or so.


Video On Demand (VOD) is a feature of digital cable that allows you to rent movies and programs from the comfort of your home. You can Pause, Fast-forward or Rewind these programs with your Cogence remote just like you would with a DVD player or VCR.


IPTV is one of the mostly used technology of Internet and IP application. IPTV is a service for the delivery of broadcast TV, movies on demand and other interactive multimedia services over a secure, end-to-end operator managed broadband IP data network.

Coverage Area


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MINET has started FTTH service In Erbil

This year MINET Provided it’s Service to these areas ( Italian Village 1, New Rasty, 5Hasrok, Ankawa, Zanko 1, Kamarani…

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MiNET maintenance team

Our maintenance team are very academic and professional to setup services. We aim to deliver full detailed information for customers…

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MiNET provides best services to its customers

MINET provides best services to its customers to get best and fastest internet services in the lowest price. We provided…

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